Imagine Holidays

Classic Villa

Villa Aura is the perfect place for your holiday. From the stunning panoramic views and the impressive gardens to the luxurious interiors and modern amenities; it has everything you could want. Do as little or as much as you wish; relaxing at the villa or exploring the countryside, coastlines and picturesque villages. Included in the villa rental is a maid to make your stay that bit more relaxing.


The location of the villa, its amenities and the surrounding mountains and ocean make this the perfect getaway for a fitness retreat. Whether you want to kick start your fitness, get your friends together for a weight loss bootcamp week or have a specific fitness goal or race to prepare for; our select team of experienced personal trainers can put you through your paces.


The Island of Paros is a perfect place to get inspiration. Whether you are enthusiastic about painting, music, writing or cooking; here we can arrange a holiday to fuel your passion and hone your skills. But don't stop imagining there; get in touch to tell us what your passion is and we can incorporate this into your holiday.

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